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re:site projects - Video-Internet-Installation
Felix S. Huber, Florian Wüst Daniel Burckhardt

A simulcast from Video streams recorded in the public space is matched up with suitable videos from local youngsters or feature cut-outs and text contributions from the interactive chat function on the Re:site homepage. Thus a Collage from fleeting present and timeless past develops. The real time pictures are recorded at clearly marked locations in the quarter 'Riem' so that inhabitants can co design the image of their quarter. They are shown on monitors in the street and on two screens at the subway station Messestadt West as well as in the Internet.

Occasion: Kunstprojekte_riem, Artproject of the City of Münich

Camera and Monitor 1: Willy-Brandt-Allee outside subway station Messestadt West; Camera 2: between Grünwerkstatt und Quax-Youthcenter, Helsinkipromenade; screens: subway station Messestadt West, in the Messestadt Riem, Münich / Germany