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Mirjam Struppek
Urban Media Research and Curating
struppek /at/ interactionfield /./ de
Mobile: +39 3311232998

Urban Space, Public Sphere and the New Media

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Mirjam Struppek is based in Turin and Berlin and works internationally as urbanist, researcher and curator with a background in Urban- and Environmental Planning. After working for one year as Gallery Assistant in a gallery for still and motion pictures in Berlin she founded in 2004 "Interactionfield - Urban Media Research and Curating" with its information platform and started the monthly discussion evening Urban Media Salon. She has held presentations and workshops in more than 40 cities in 18 countries, participated in festival/conference juries, peer-reviewed academic papers and published several essays, with a special focus on the liveability of urban space, public sphere and its sustainable transformation and acquisition through new media, the moving image and artistic interventions. Her particular interest is in interactive, participatory processes and interdisciplinary approaches to collaborative, creative actions. She is as well a member of Public Art Lab since 2007 and Initiator of the in 2007 formed International Urban Screens Association (IUSA). Mirjam has coined the Term "Urban Screens" during she developed as Artistic Director and co-organiser the concept for the first international Urban Screens conference in 2005 and brought it to an international level, touring first to Manchester and further to Australia. For Urban Screens Melbourne 2008 she developed an extensive artistic multimedia program around the conference. Over the years she has been intensively working on further implementing this concept of utilizing outdoor screens and media facades for a sustainable urban society and has been instrumental in building a worldwide community around it. Together with Susa Pop she initiated the "Media Facades Festivals". The one in 2008 taking place in Berlin City and the German Architecture Center (DAZ) she guided as Artistic Director and the next "Media Facades Festival Europe 2010" as Director of Research. Mirjam Struppek has been “Personality of the Month September 2008”, a distinction by “Project Future Berlin”, a Berlin Senate Initiative for structural change in Berlin as an information and knowledge society. Since 2013 she is supporting to set up the new festival series Screen City Stavanger. Among others she enjoyed working as curator for the Farbfest Bauhaus Dessau, Share Festival, Public Art Screens, Media Architecture Conference and a ACM SIGCHI Workshop. Currently she is passionate about engaging with sustainable and environmental citizen initiatives in Turin.


2017/2018 - cheARIArespiro95 - Actions for a healthy and playable city - Co-initiator of an initiative to sensitiye parents about the air quality in Torino

2015 - "Mapping Barriera di Milano" - Co-development of a plugin for an online "community mapping tool"

2014 - Temporary Urban Screen 2014 - Curatorial support for Screencity Lab

2014 - Screen City Tour 2014 - Curation of a tour of the neighbourhood video program of Screen CityFestival 2013

2014 - "Tasting Data" - curation of a dinner salon aroundBbig and Open Data for the Digital Food Days - in collaboration with Pepe Rosa

2014/2015 - Urban Greens - A Piano Verde for our neighbourhood

2013/2014 - Screen City 2013, Stavanger - Curatorial development of a new festival series around moving images in public space.

2013 - Lichtfest Leipzig 2014 - Curatorial support trough participating in a preperationl workshop

2013 - Leading the Urban Media Salon “Smart City Manifesto” in Torino in collaboration with Piemonte Share Festival

2012 - Curation of the video program “Dancing Hands” for Piemonte Share Festival 2012 “Open your City” www.toshare.itl.

2012 - Farbfest am Bauhaus 2012 "statt farbe: licht" - Curator for the "Colour Festival" at the Bauhaus Dessau.

2011 - Organization of the exhibition “Hommage an die Komputing Revolution” and 2 start-up networking events in Berlin for TOP-IX (Torino Piemonte Internet Exchange).

2011 - Consulting for the application of Innovation Forum Urban Screens 2011, finally supported by the German Ministry of Science and Education.

2011 - Public Art Screens, Stavanger – Curation of the video art and animation program for the first quarter of 2011

MEDIA FACADES FESTIVALS - Initiator and artistic director of the festival in Berlin 2008 and director of research of the festival Europe 2010

URBAN SCREENS - A research project on the "potential of outdoor screens for the urban society"

Urban Screens Melbourne 2008 - Conference coordination and curation of a range of Urban Media installations and screen presentations to coincide with the conference event

Consulting of Federation Square Melbourne, Institute of Creative Sustainability, International Streaming Museum and other Urban Screens related initiatives

MEDIAARCHITECTURE CONFERENCE 2007 - Co-organisation of a conference in London around the topic of media facades

Shared Encounters - Content Sharing as Social Glue in Everyday Places: Co-organising a Workshop at CHI 2007, San Jose, California

Urban Screens 2005 - Conference coordination and curation

Support and close exchange with the Artists, Susanne Schuricht, Aram Barthol, Christian Nold.

URBAN MEDIA SALON - A monthly private meeting, bringing together interested parties from various disciplines, to exchange about interactions and relations of Urban- and Mediaspaces. A special open event took place in cooperation with Transmediale 2008

Urban Media Survey - What connotations arise the term "Urban Media"?

18-24. Oct. 2004 - Paintings at Bus Stops - Wolf Guenter Thiel and Heidi Wegener, Wconsult, show the Swiss Artist Regula Syz in an exhibition in public space at bus stops in Berlin Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. As part of the project I developed a questionnaire with passers-by which can be explored as interactive tour on the website

2004 - Inquiry Media/Communication in the context of the research project "Shrinking Cities" 3,2 MB PDF (German)

February 2004 - questionnaire with passers by for the artist initiative [STRICTLY PUBLIC] and their Transmediale screening event on the LED-display at the corner of Kurfürstendamm and Joachimstaler Str., Berlin

2003 - DIY Video Art - , 00:0I:I0 (10MB)

1999 - 2000 Sasashima - Neue ways for the urban planning in Japans large cities 11 MB PDF (German)
Research project about urban structures in Japan and Master plan proposal for Sasashima in Nagoya, Japan

1998 / Pools of Meaning - Attractors and Semiotic Fields
Project about the rediscovery of the Kaki river in Nagaoka, Japan Website (English)


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Coeditor für die Sonderausgabe des peer-reviewed online journal First Monday zum Thema Urban Screens: Special Issue #4: Urban Screens: Discovering the potential of outdoor screens for urban society (February 2006)

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Presentations / Lectures:

Turin, IT
24.08.2014 - “Moving Image as Street Art" - lecture and discussion at PRIX ITALIA 2014 - RAI, Museo della Radio e TV

Moskau, RU
16.06.2014 - “Urban Media Culture beyond Advertising - lecture at Strelka - Institut for a social city

Stavanger, NO
27.10.2013 - “Urban Screening Cultures / Reviving public space” - lecture / panel debate @ Screen City 2013

Bremen, D
17.06.2013 - Workshop & public talk at "Brennerei - next generation lab" about sense and purpose of Media Architectures

Turin, Italy
29.05.2013 - Panel presentation *Smart City Manifesto* part of Festival dell’Architettura in Città PAF XI Festival of Film Animation, lecture in the context of “Animated Urbanism”

Olomouc, Czech
07.12.2012 - PAF XI Festival of Film Animation Lecture in the context of "Animated Urbanism"

Zaragoza, Spain
23.11.2012 - Public panel discussion and lecture in the context of ProyectAmedia / ProjectAragon / ETOPIA
- Center for Art & Technology

Vancouver/Surrey, CA
02.12.2011 - Public Talk on Urban Screens at Westminster Savings Lecture Theatre

London, UK
23.09.2011 - TROLLEY salon at William IV - Urban Screens

Folkestone, UK
22.09.2011 - Stretching New Boundaries Symposium - Participation in Visual Arts at Leas Cliff Hall

Montreal, CA
02.06.2011 - Panel on digital arts in public spaces at MUTEK 12th festival edition

Athens,, GR
04.03.2011 - "The Hybrid City" Symposium, Global Gateway Project

Tutzing, D
15.01.2011 - Workshop at the congress "Die Vermessung des Urbanen 3.0" "The area of conflict between urban and virtual public space"

Weimar, D
30.10.2010 - Keynote speaker of session 3: Interaction and Engagement at MediaCity 2010 Conference

Linz, A
06.09.2010 - Media Facades Symposium at Ars Electronica Festival 2010 - repair

Lugano, CH
23.06.2010 - Workshop and lecture at University of Lugano - Faculty of Communication Sciences

Rome, I
04.06.2010 - Frontiers of Interaction 10 - conference

Los Angeles, USA
15.04.2010 - Panel: Visual Ecology of Advertising and Architecture at Southern Cal. Inst. of Architecture

Los Angeles, USA
08.04.2010 - Digital Studies Symposium at Robert Zemeckis Digital Arts Center, USC

Frankfurt, D
17.11.2009 - Liveable City Know-How Forum: How many Advertisement tolerates the City?

Torino, I
04.11.2009 - VIEW Conference 2009 - Digital Convergency- URBAN SCREEN as a Digital Public Art Space

Madrid, E
28.09.2009 - Conference: Urban Screens and Public Space Seminar at Medialab Prado

Berlin, D
27.01.2009 - X-OP- Conference „True Art , Truely Merchandise"

Taipei, RC
22.12.2008 - International media & public art forum

Belo Horizonte, BR
20.-25.11.2008 - Vivo 2008 at Palácio das Artes

Sao Paulo, BR
27., 28. 11.2008 - Vivo 2008 Symposium at LAB - MIS

Berlin, D
28.10.2008 - Pubic Lecture at the seminar "Artistic actions in public space" University of Arts, Weissensee

Berlin, D
17., 18. 10.2008 - Media Facades Festival 2008 Conference - Myths and Potentials of Media Architectures and Urban Screens

Milan, I
09.08.2008 -"architecture and communication" public panel at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Copenhagen, DK
26. - 28.06.2008 - International Lab Thinking Metropolis VI - The City as Stage and the Stage as City

Melbourne, AUS
15.-31. 05.2008 - Next Wave festival: "Polyphonic’s Forum 3: Structural Integrity"

Bergen, N
27.-28.02.2008 - Nordic Urban Design Conference 2008 - City Lightening and New Urban Spaces

Sydney, AUS
29.11-1.12.2007 - Screenscapes: Past Present Future at University of Sydney

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
November 15-17 - Keynotespeaker at Interactive Futures 07

Linz, A
07. November - Lecture at the Art University Linz

Eindhoven, NL
3rd November 2007 - Keynotespeaker at Image Radio 2007 symposium "Urban Screens"

Linz, A
1-3. October 2007 - Workshop "Sauber Linz" for the European Culture Capital 2009

Linz, A
7. September 2007 - Panel discussion "Public Space - Virtual Space" at ARS Electronica

Melbourne Brisbane, Sidney
August 2007 - Lecturetour in Australia

Madrid, E
March 2007 - Lecture at M.A.D.R.I.D.28045, artistic interventions in urban space

Madrid, E
March 2007 - INTERmad: artistic interventions in urban space

Weimar, D
10-12 November 06 - Media city Conference / Bauhaus-University Weimar

Amsterdam, NL
14. November 06 - Stifo@sandberg workshop

Augsburg, D
16. November 06 - Urban Media - Mobile Experience - Symposium

Bremen, D
19. November 06 - International Urban Media Workshop

Berlin, D
3. November 06 - New Media Roadtrip: Research and production tour of 22 students from Carleton College

San Jose, USA
9. August 06 - ISEA 2006 Symposium

San Francisco, USA
7.-8. August 06 - Interactive City Summit, Swedish American Hal

London, UK
6. July 06 - The Urban Picture conference - The moving image in the public environment

Uetrecht, NL
11./12.03.2006 - "Crystalpunk Workshop for Soft Architecture"

Utrecht, NL
7. December 05 - opening symposium Interactive Film Lab @ Impact

Limerick, IRL
1/2.12.2005 - workshop "Understanding public spaces - exploring methods"

Amsterdam, NL
28. October 05 - stifo@sandberg conference for the Masterclass workshop for documentary filmmakers

San Diego, USA
17-19 Oktober 05 - LED 2005, international anual conference for the lighting and high-brightness light emitting diode (HB LED) communitiy

Riga, LV
20.-21. May 05 - Space and Perception, symposium on Mixed Reality

Berlin, D
5.February 05 "Video-Art invading public Space" at transmediale 05 Salon

Amsterdam, NL
21.January 05 - Opening of the Video Installation Pilot Project

Amsterdam, NL
19. November 04 - Open Doors | Project leaders round table

Rotterdam, NL
14. November 04 - fusedspace presentation on the DEAF04

Weimar, D
22. October 04 - radical connector(s) 01, Discourse- and Media-Art-Festival

Helsinki, FI
21. August 04 - ISEA2004, Symposion on Electronic Arts

Manchester, UK
1. May 04 - Locative Media Pannel and Workshop at futuresonic04

Milan, I
29. November 03 - Visions of possible worlds - conference at Triennale Milan

Bremen, D
2. October 03 - Paradox, workshop on, European Network for People's Education

Amsterdam, NL
12. September 03 - next 5 minutes 4, Internationales Festival for Tactical Media

Bad Ems, D
1. June 03 - Congress Bad Emser Medienkunsttage

Berlin, D
1. February 03 - Salon transmediale 03, International Media Art Festival

Kaiserslautern, D
Nov. 2000 - Organisation/moderation of the lecture evening "Japan Today", University Kaiserslautern

Nagoya, J
April 1999 - Presentation/panel discussion, "International Urban Development Forum"