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The Urban Media Salon has been founded and hosted by Mirjam Struppek from February 2005 untill 2008, taking place regularly in her private apartment. The core members of the Salon were:

Angelo D'Angelico Acoustic Consultant, Sound Designer
Jussi Ängeslevä Interaction Designer, Lecturer (Art+Com / UdK)
Aram Barthol Artist, Locative Media - and Game Art
Jacqueline Heer Artist, Activist and art Facilitator
Dirk Holzberg Media Artist, freelance Researcher
Ela Kagel Digital Media Producer & Curator
Susa Pop EU-Kulturmanagerin, Artistic Director
Anette Schäfer Curator and Festivaldirector (Trampoline, Radiator)
Susanne Schuricht Artist
Mirjam Struppek Urbanist, Curator, Consultant (Urban Media Research)
Kai Vöckler

Urbanist, Artist , Curator
Katharine Willis Architect, Artist, Researcher (University Bremen)
Florian Wüst Artist, Filmmaker, Curator


Urban Media Salon as Partner Event of Transmediale 2008 Berlin

Secret Meetings in the Intimate City
Thursday, 31. January 2008, 20.30 – Open End

Application deadline: 29. January 2008

Exclusively for the Transmediale.08, the Urban Media Salon invites you to an exceptional Networking Event, following the "Conspire" theme.

Get involved in an evening full of uncertainties that will bring you together with 7 other guests of transmediale over dinner in a private apartment. After accepting the binding invitation, the organizers will contact you and decide which of the 7 covert locations would be right for you.

Interested parties please registrate through the Salon Website until January, 29, 2008 with the following data:

• Name
• City
• Language
• Special interests around the theme Urban Media
• Short bio (max 3 lines)
• And very important: E-Mail address and mobile number

Application under urbanmediasalon (@)

We put together each Salon on basis of your application. As soon as we distributed all guests among the Saloniere you will be notifies via e-mail and SMS about the coordinates. Traditionally, the host provides the food during the Urban Media Salon and the guests bring the drinks. We would be happy about a bollte of wine or similar.


Angelo d'Angelico
is consultant for multisensory design. He is Dolby sound mixer for Digital multi-channel sound and member of the German Film Academy. He was Guest lecturer at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg for Sounddesign.

Jussi Ängeslevä
is holding MA in Audio Visual Media Culture from the University of Lapland in Finland, and MA in Interaction Design from the Royal College of Art. He worked 2 years at the Media Lab Europe in Dublin as a researcher. Currently he is an assistant professor at the University of the Arts in Berlin and working as a senior concept designer at ART+COM, Berlin. His field of specialisation is in physical and embodied interfaces.

Aram Bartholl
studied architecture at the University of Arts in Berlin. He currently works on concepts about data spaces and locative media among others for DMC Wien, City & Bits and the Fraunhofer Institute. In his space/media Art projects he addresses the embodiment of digital characteristic traits in the physical space. Aram Bartholl was award with the prize of the Browserday competition in 2001 with his work "Daten am Ort".

Jacqueline Heer
For more than 2 decades, Jacqueline Heer has worked as an independent artist in the US, as an art facilitator and director of various arts organizations, including Theater. Her focus is media-art, Installations, Photography and political actions. Currently, among other projects, she is developing a" persuasive game" for the public. The recently founded platform "ping-pong between art and knowledge" will act as a producer.

Dirk Holzberg
works as artist since 1996. He is among others initiator of the projects "reboot" and "framefunk". He studied "Art with Media" at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Between 2001 and 2004 he taught at the Universität der Künste Berlin and is now working for the european research project "re:search - in and through the arts". Currently he is especially dealing with the modern approach and construction of the area of unspoiled nature.

Ela Kagel
is a digital media producer & curator. She is a member of Public Art Lab Berlin and co-initiator of the Mobile Studios project. Online since 1996, Ela has focused her work on the intersection of art and technology - with a special interest on digital culture. In September 2006, Ela has initiated Upgrade! Berlin , a series of public field trips to media art places in Berlin along with a growing online resource. Together with Ursula Endlicher she regularly publishes articles about different forms of ne tart curation.

Susa Pop
studied industrial design and EU-culture management. As artist she developed together with Public Art Lab urban transnational interventions. 2003-2004 e.g. the project Mobile Museen, a traveling art museum. Currently she works on the follow up Mobile Studios, a nomadic platform (2005-06).

Anette Schäfer
Anette is a director of Trampoline, an artist-lead organisation, running platform events for new media art in Nottingham and Berlin since 10 years. She is also one of the founders of the East Midlands based Radiator Festival for New Technology Art. With her special interest in the live aspect of media art, Anette has curated and commissioned artists’ projects exploring live-streaming and locative media where issues of presence, interactivity and participation in urban space are most current. Anette holds an MA in film & theatre studies and philosophy from the Freie University of Berlin.

Susanne Schuricht
is a German artist, based in Berlin. Her work includes observation of architecture and the urban landscape– seeing herself in relation to architecture and the human form she works as a contemporary artist exploring both installation and photography. Currently she is participating in the Shenzhen-Hongkong Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, open until March 1st, 2008. Susanne studied painting restoration at Haus Lüttinghof and undertook a practical training in photography at the Folkwang Museum, Germany. Other studies include University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) for her MA.

Mirjam Struppek
studied urban and environmental planning in Kaiserslautern and Nagoya, Japan. As President of the International Urban Screens Association she is working on the conference and event series Urban Screens. Currently she is curating a multimedia program for Urban Screens Melbourne 2008 and developing with Public Art Lab and MAG the event Mediaarchitecture Today, Berlin 2008. Since 2002 she developed the information platform about the relation of the interactivity of digital media and the urban public space.

Kai Vöckler
Numerous European solo exhibitions. Exhibitions curator and lectureships at European cultural institutions and art academies. Publisher, editor and lecturer on art and urbanism themes. Concept and organization of international colloquiums and conferences. Professional expertise in landscape, architectural and artistic competitions and design projects, both solo and in teams of architects. Founder member of Archis Interventions.

Katharine Willis
is currently a researcher in the Spatial Cognition program at the University of Bremen, Germany as well as a visiting lecturer at University of Manchester, UK. In 2004 worked on an innovative education project with the Whitechapel Art Gallery, UK. Her work has included installations, temporary and permanent public artworks with a focus on creating legible environments and exploring ways in which we interact with our spatial environment. Her background and training is in architecture.

Florian Wüst
lives in Berlin and Rotterdam. He realised together with Felix S. Huber the following media art projects in public space: "skytalk", art and wind energy for the world exhibition, Garbsen-Nord (2000) and "re:site projects", kunstprojekte_riem, München (2002). In May 2005 he they produced the related project "re:site montréal" during a residency for an exhibition at Oboro, Montréal.