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SPECIAL EVENT - TASTING DATA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Time: 04. June 2014, 20:00
Location: "Urban Media Salon" - Via Nizza 57, 10125 Torino
Application/Registration via: Gnammo

The Urban Media Salon collaborates with "Pepe Rosa"! As part of Digital Food Days - Social Eating Pepe Rosa will create a special menu for you: "Tasting Data". Inspired by the menu and taste we will discuss together about different topics in the field of Big and Open Data.

Menu "Tasting Data"

- Seasonal vegetables with vegetarian tuna sauce
This welcome course is devoted to the topic of pollution and makes tangible public data of the region of Piemonte.

- Zucchini and mint flan with Parmesan cream
While tasting the starter we will discuss the situation of urban public greens. The cours colour-represents the green area ratio of Turin.

- Risotto with blueberries and castelmagno
Guests are invited, inspired by the taste of the risotto to argue about the topic of Smart City: data, participation and democracy...

- Japanese tofu with Chinese vegetables
This main court will initiate the discussion on the traceability of food production, inspired by existing apps for consumers that help to understand the origin of the food.

- Nougat parfait with black and white chocolate cream
The desert is a visual and tasteful experience of the critical issue of unemployment in Turin.

- Herbal tea for digestion
Your individual social media cocktail! Each guest receives a digestive drink specially developed to suit his personal usage profile in relation to his social networks.

Cost of dinner : 20 €


SMART CITY MANIFESTO++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

In 2013 the Urban Media Salon collaborated with the Share Festivaland initiated a series of salons to support the development of an exchange around a Smart City Manifesto. Together with Simona Lodi and Simone Arcagni Mirjam Struppek organized these regularly dinner discussions in their private apartments.

The aim of the Salon was to help launch the cultural debate on sustainable cities, and to set out what are the key concepts and guidelines for building a future we want to live in. The working group revolved around a network of people involved in the Share Festival: People keen to work together on an initiative that can inspire and give a fresh spark to the Smart Cities movement by encouraging a more socially-aware, shared, practical, healthy, human and sustainable vision of the city, designed for people and communities.

The following people were involved in the discussions:

Simone Arcagni, Luca Barbeni, Cristina Barbero, Lorenzo Benussi, Juan Carlos De Martin, Franz Fischnaller, Simona Lodi, Giulio Lughi, Rossella Maspoli, Federico Morando, Serena Perrone, Andrea Rivetti, Giorgio Scianca, Mirjam Struppek, Mark Vanderbeeken, Alberto Vanolo, Emanuela Zilio, Jan Christoph Zoels.